Parents and Citizens (P&C) Association

The main purpose of the P&C is to support the school for the benefit of all students. The Rossmoyne Senior High School P&C consists of enthusiastic parents, teachers and other interested community members who contribute their ideas and skills to the school in a variety of different ways.

All parents at Rossmoyne Senior High School are encouraged to become involved in the vibrant school community. There are many opportunities to do this, and many of these activities are coordinated through the Parents and Citizens Association Inc. (P&C).  Parents unable to commit much time to attend meetings or participate in activities are able to join as an e-member and be informed by email of issues of importance to our children’s education and happenings within the school community. You are also able to electronically contribute ideas and participate in the discussions that enrich the school community.  The more opinions we have, the more rounded and helpful our combined suggestions, ideas and visions will be to the school community. Joining the P&C only costs 20 cents.

Responsibilities of the P&C:

  • 分配父捐款(确定哪些学校内的课程,建筑物或项目获得母公司的资金支持)
  • selecting parent representatives on school committees (学校董事会, Information & Technology, Uniforms, Finance, Health, and Buildings & Grounds Committees).

The P&C has sub-committees which support the Volleyball and Music Specialist Programs in various ways. Parents with children participating in these programs may choose to become involved in these. It is possible to join these groups at any time.


成为会员,下载并填写申请表,并与20美分到学校(亲自或通过您的孩子),或把它带到一个会议的前办公室把它。点击这里查看 P&C-Membership-form




总统: 迈克尔pailthorpe(2020)


副总统: 达里尔althorpe
掌柜: 三安·佩雷拉
秘书: 雷切尔堰
执行委员会成员: 科斯蒂barnetson






 wacsso代表: 马克火腿
 学校董事会代表 迈克尔多克里


RSHS P&C Meetings


被告知请这些时代已经改变,由于covid-19,指 校历 准确的会议日期。

P&C Subcommittees

There are two subcommittees of the Rossmoyne Senior High School P&C. The members of each of these are parents, teachers and other interested members of the community with a particular interest in these specialist areas. All parents are invited to join these groups.


椅子 - E-美廉


秒针均匀商店受到音乐的父母支持组运行和家长志愿者,由苏温德姆协调人员。开放时间为学期,上午08点半的星期五上午 - 上午09时半。购买是由只收现金。通过前面接收的访问。

Donations of uniforms may be taken to the second hand uniform shop or left at reception. Volunteers are welcome – either call into the shop or contact the P&C via email.


椅子  - 海伦·伯吉斯

P&C Calendar


周三3月11日 晚上7:00 AGM P&C Meeting 功能房